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Why eQui?

eQui brings together patients seeking treatment with top healthcare professionals. We ensure end-to-end delivery and provide cost-effective treatments that do not compromise on the quality and experience.

eQui services customize your experience, starting from giving you expert advice, to helping you research the best options, to planning your journey, to facilitating the plan end-to-end till recuperation while never losing focus on our top priority: the quality of your life. The choice of solutions and specialties includes Modern Medicine, Rehabilitation and Alternative Medicines and last but not the least preventive health and wellness. Our transparent process, curated knowledge, handpicked skills, structured delivery and constant innovation allows you to make the best decision for yourself, giving you direct access to renowned experts and a well-planned healthcare system with a proven track record in treatment and preventive therapies.

We are your partners through it all - the planning, the treatment, the experience and preventive wellness.

You are steps away from Health


Reputed doctors and therapists provide you with treatment possibilities and results


Know your condition, options of cities and facilities for your treatment and wellness.


Create a meticulous itinerary covering treatment, experience and get an estimate.


For a well-managed treatment, recuperation and preventive wellness

Wellness & Preventive Health

eQui, which means equal, helps you achieve complete wellness. Wellness and preventive health at eQui is not limited to finding solutions to treat physical or psychological pain. This is just the initial step. Wellness is complete when it is experienced, learned, practiced and habituated, placing you in the threshold of an optimal life. Wholesome wellness is a delightful existence, which contributes to you both inwardly as well as outwardly. Beyond just sharing knowledge with you, eQui also helps you experience wellness. Through our curated and well researched experiences, we open the door to a meaningful life.

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